We provide several options for rewiring, organizing, labeling and managing cables.

Here are some of the benefits of having a properly organized work area free from cable clutter:

Adding a device, a new station, expanding or rearranging office space becomes an easy task when you have a functional and properly organized environment.

Servers, computers, switches and other crucial equipment require the proper airflow in order to prevent overheating, which can be obstructed by poorly organized/tangled cables.

When issues arise, having an organized and documented setup helps troubleshoot the problem faster without major disruptions.

Saves time when making physical changes or upgrades to devices within the network.

Impress your clients, friends or co-workers that glance at your station or server room.

Our clients

Business owners, working from home employees, gamers, streamers, technology enthusiasts.


network switch background image

Work benches. Cubicles. Server Rooms. General work areas.


computer on desk with minimal cables shown

Entertainment setups. Home Networks. Mobile device charging stations.


hobbies and interests with technology and cabling

Projects that require cable organization with proper labeling.

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