Contact-free Electronic Waste Pickup

Contact-Free Pickups
Easy to schedule
No need to drive to a recycling center
Fill out form
Complete form. Please verify that all information is correct before clicking "SEND" button.
Need a box?
If you have selected to receive a box to place your electronic waste:
A box will be dropped off at the address you have entered in the electronic waste pickup form. You will receive an email confirmation when the box is dropped off.

If you want to use your own box/container, please let us know in special instructions field if you want to keep your box after it is emptied out.
Place your electronic waste
Place your electronic waste in the box or container you have received. For more information about the type of items that we are currently accepting CLICK HERE.

We will add more items to the list in the near future so make sure to come visit us again.
Scan the QR code on the page that is attached to the box or Click Here
Place by your door
After scanning the QR Code, place the box by your front door or in the area that you have specified. Most pickups will happen within the first 48 hours.
That's It!
Thank you for helping the environment, your contribution will help the world. Our job is to continue to grow and prevent harmful electronic materials from entering the environment and causing irreparable damage.

Items that we Collect

More items will be added Soon